What do clients say......

"In June 2016, I miscarried for the 5th time.  We lost a close family member to suicide in January 2016.  I hit rock bottom.  I couldn't cope with the loss, the pressure to support my family in their time of grief while suffering in silence about the miscarriages, the loss of hope of giving our daughter a sister.  I blamed myself.  My mind was at breaking point.  I didn't enjoy my life.  Everything suffered.

Then I was put in contact with Marysia.  I spilled everything out to her.  And when I thought I was empty, she gently directed me in another direction and I emptied that part of my brain to her too.  She dug deep into me to see how she would guide me.  Marysia gave me different mindfulness techniques to practice.  She showed me how to look at things in life differently, how to appreciate what I had in my life rather what I hadn't.  Marysia is a gentle and caring person and I am very thankful every day for the guidance she gave me.  Counselling from Marysia changed my life and I am a stronger person for attending the sessions with her."

H, Co. Limerick

"I was referred to Marysia through my GP following a miscarriage at 11 weeks and subsequent postnatal depression.  I had suffered postnatal depression after the birth of my first 2 children and had been treated with medication and counselling and it passed after time.  I cannot rate Marysia high enough.  The specialist counselling given in dealing with pregnancy loss and postnatal depression meant I recovered much quicker and with less medication required. 


Having someone who specializes in what you are going through makes such a huge difference and you feel they fully understand what you are going through from the get go.  From my experience with counsellors dealing with my postnatal depression, I can categorically say Marysia was the best I dealt with as she was intuitive to my needs and feelings at that difficult time.  I would highly recommend Marysia and the service that she provides"

J, Limerick

"I first met Marysia after another miscarriage during a 4 year infertility battle. At this stage I was devastated, worn out and completely lost. I very quickly connected with Marysia’s calm, approachable and warm personality. Through regular engagement with her she give me the ability to view my situation at a different less negative angle, empowered me with the tools I needed to move forward on this very lonely and often heartbreaking road and most importantly restored my hope in what I could only see as a very bleak future at the time. I am happy to say we have since been blessed with a healthy baby but I would have no hesitation on meeting Marysia again should I need to, or recommending her to any of my family or friends."


D, Co. Limerick

Lá Nua Counselling Services

76 Sexton Street North, Limerick V94 HN6E

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